April Calendar

By Tyreek Jenkins

With four weeks remaining in the semester, here are important reminders and events to remember. 

 April 12, 2023 is the final day to withdraw from classes.

That leaves three weeks of classes with the final week of April for finals. Be aware with finals coming up to speak with your advisors for next semester’s schedule, while also registering for housing through the Battler website.

 The Annual 2023 Skirmies Award will be held from 6pm – 8pm on April 26,2023

Get ready for AB’s Annual Baccalaureate  Spring Fling on April 27, 2023 on campus at the Apollo Quad from 2pm to 5pm. This event is hosted by the Office of Student Affairs.  

Food Trucks and games will be on hand for everyone to enjoy before wrapping it up for finals on April 28.

ARC Celebrates New Name and Look

By Nikki Ellis

PHILIPPI, W. Va. – From ACES to  ARC, it’s a whole new look. 

The Academic Resource Center, formerly known as the Academic Center for Educational Success (ACES), celebrates a remodel with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and pizza party on Burbick’s 3rd floor. 

On March 1st, Wednesday morning, at 11:30, Kellie McMillen, some of the AB Faculty and Staff, and students kicked off the open house of the newly-remodeled Academic Resource Center with a pizza party. 

“It was not a very warm and inviting area.” Kellie McMillen, Director of Career and Academic Services, said. “I wanted it to better suit student needs and not be as outdated.” 

Renaming the space of the Academic Resource Center was one of the steps to improving the center for students. Additional changes are the new carpeting and furniture donated by Ed Snively, the President of the Delphic Alumni Association. 

“We received the carpet last spring, and Ed Snively helped with donating new furniture this past September,” McMillen said. 

With the ribbon cutting and pizza party for students and staff, attendees compared the changes with a before-and-after experience. Photos were taped to the wall, allowing everyone to compare the old rustic orange carpet that was originally there when the building was built to the new modern grayish-black one that was put in last year. 

Various students agree with the new transition for the ARC and even have opted in studying in the space compared to before. 

“It is more organized and feels more aesthetically pleasing.” Caleb Frey, a sophomore, said. 

The ARC transformed from an intimidating office style to an open study space and resource for students wanting to do well academically. 

“It is a calmer environment and more easily approachable.” Nicole Grisso, a sophomore, said. 

The ARC is welcome to all students needing to study, needing study and test-taking tips, as well as additional resources regarding professional advancement, resume writing help, etc. 
For more information on what the ARC offers, contact Kellie McMillen, Director of Career and Academic Services at mcmillenkj@ab.edu or stop by Burbick on the 3rd floor.

Record Still Stands After Lacrosse Goalie Stops 25

By Tyreek Jenkins

The women’s Lacrosse team started the season off with a statement to put in the history books.  Playing against Felician University on Feb 19, junior goalie Taylor Young nearly broke the record for saves in a single game with a 25-save effort. The record is 26 saves, held by Katie Laird. Young’s goaltending moved her into second all-time for saves. Third place is held by Paxton Boyers with record of 24 saves

“Going into the game I set high standards for myself and my teammates who worked hard and pushed me as well as we kept the pace the entire game,” Young said. 

Young faced 59 shots in the 17-9 loss. Although the Battlers fell short to Felician, Young was ecstatic about breaking Boyer’s mark of 24 saves.

“I want to thank my teammates, parents, and coaches for pushing me to become a better player every day,” Young said.

The women’s team are back at it again Thursday at 4 p.m. for their home opener for the season.