Effective Communication, Key for Coach Laymon

by Brianna Miranda

Alderson Broaddus University community continues to grow with new staff, students, and coaches. 

New hire and assistant coach, Maegan Laymon, joins the women’s lacrosse team after establishing her love for the game of lacrosse and leadership in coaching college athletes. Laymon, a Illion, New York native, grew up playing soccer and participating in track and field with her two brothers before discovering lacrosse at Green Mountain College, where she was a dual sport student athlete. Laymon also participated in bowling where she was a state qualifier. 

When asked what drew her interest to the AB community, Laymon says, “I like being in the middle of nowhere, the campus is very nice and it’s not too far away from some of my family. They live about 45 minutes away from here.” 

Coach Laymon goes on to explain her excitement to begin her journey as a Battler.

“There’s so much talent and potential on this team that we can do a lot with, I’m excited to be brought on board,” Laymon said.

As much excitement there is to starting at a new program, Coach Laymon has personal and team goals for each individual to accomplish. 

“I’m looking forward to where the team can take its potential to, we have a lot to accomplish and that decides where the program takes off to,” Laymon said. 

A coaching philosophy is something coaches tend to live by while helping guide their athletes to structure. Maegan Laymon shares her coaching philosophy that she plans to bring on board with her to the team.

“As a coach, I rely on effective communication as it will demonstrate the athlete’s ability to hone in on their skills, challenges and overall voice,” Laymon said. “This is important when trying to develop not only their athleticism, but also enhances their ability to advocate for themselves in the future. I believe if you can converse with an athlete to set their own long and short term goals, it provides them with direction and motivation to keep them on track.

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