SGA Votes to Donate Money to SGA

by Brianna Lewis

WB, you’re looking new!

Journalism students no longer have to borrow a camera from the Office of Marketing and Communications to take beautiful pictures.

The Student Government Association SGA voted last May to donate $4,202.46 to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for upgrades to WB, one of the oldest and most used buildings on campus. The improvements included new furniture, a conference table and chairs, an interactive white board and projector, and camera for the media classes. 

Students taking media classes previously had to use the borrowed camera and were limited on usage time. 

Anytime you have been in WB you’ve seen the big bay windows on the first and second floor. SGA also approved money to put cushions in these windows for students to sit peacefully while waiting for class. 

The interactive whiteboard is waiting to be installed by the Office of Information Technology OIT. OIT plans to set up the whiteboard in WB room 14 as soon as possible depending on proper technical support.

“You have no idea how much we appreciate the student government considering your faculty and deans.” Kari Sisk Dean of The College of Humanities and Social Sciences said in the SGA request report.

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