Giant slip n’ slide set to debut Sunday

By Joseph Varela

Alderson Broaddus University will be hosting a 300-foot Slip n’ Slide on Sept. 16 at 1 p.m.

The project is headed by Colter Baldwin, resident director of Blue, Gold and University dormitories. David Falletta, dean of student affairs, asked Baldwin over the summer to create a “bigger, more wild program.” After considering many options, Baldwin settled on the idea of a Slip n’ Slide. The concept was originally rejected, but after further planning and work, the idea came to life and was approved.

The slide is made of plastic sheeting, and will feature two turns and a steep drop-off. Sandbags will secure the slide around the turns and metal spikes will keep it in place. Its safety was checked and verified by Falletta without complaint.

Baldwin and his team of resident assistants will also be grilling hot dogs during the duration of the program.

“What I’m foreseeing to be an issue is long lines, but it’s going to be fun to watch too because people are going to be freaking out,” Baldwin said. “It’s really hard to make that first turn.”

Although the program will not be underway until Sunday, Baldwin explained that he already has future aspirations for this project.

“What I want to do next year, if this goes well, is have another Slip n’ Slide so two people can go down,” Baldwin said.

The Slip n’ Slide will be set up on the hill between the grass athletic field and the BGU parking lot. Students who wish to participate will be required to sign a liability form before they embark down the slide to the bottom of the hill.

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