SGA recognizes leadership

By Talia Kotz

The Student Government Association hosted the 2017 Leadership Awards Banquet on April 15th. Students were awarded a trophy for their leadership skills within their organization. Here are your 2017 student leaders.

Student Organizations:

All Greek Council- Bethany Fitzgerald

Baptist Campus Ministries- Joshua Gilpin

Campus Activities Board- Cody Sheets and Katie Maddas

Epsilon Tau Eta Sigma- Adam Zirkelbach

Digital Edge- Adam Zirkelbach

Fashion Design & Expression- Joyce Eid

Gay-Straight Alliance- Emily Rainey

International Student Organization- Manel Adan

Lambda Sigma Phi- Allison Villers

Phi Kappa Delta- Sarah Hamman

Phi Beta Lambda- Jeremy Linaburg

Pi Sigma Alpha- Lukus Freeman

Sigma Alpha Iota- Kayla Lester

Sigma Delta Nu- James Dillon Schoolcraft

Student Government Association- McKenna Price, Quade Raley, Treyann Cline, Jeremy Linaburg

Student Psychology Association- Hannah Gozzard and Katlyn Graski

Zeta Alpha Gamma- Andrew Forino

Zeta Eta Theta- Kelsey Singhas


Outstanding Senior- Lukus Freeman


Community Service Awards:

Dr. Jim Stenspring Individual Service Award- Tanner Cramer (93.5 hours)

Professor Laura Foster Organization Service Award- Epsilon Tau Eta Sigma (148.8 hours)


RA Awards

Outstanding ARD of the Year- Marcus Spears

Outstanding Programmer of the Year- Cody Sheets

Outstanding RA of the Year- Harris

Outstanding Program of the Year- Make Your Own Lava Lamp


Congratulations to all of the winners for their 2017 Leadership Award.

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