Defender-turned goalkeeper finding success in the net

Senior goalkeeper Fallyn Gonzales of the women’s lacrosse team prepares to pass in this photo taken at the Battler’s home field during the 2017 season. Photo credit Quentin Murphy.

By Hadassah Curry

Alderson Broaddus University women’s lacrosse senior goalkeeper, Fallyn Gonzales prepares for her last season on the field with her  teammates.

Gonzales holds a record 188 saves over her three years playing for the women’s lacrosse team. Gonzales was recruited as a defender, but ended up being the Lady Battler’s starting goalkeeper.

“My coaches noticed my reflexive skills of seeing the ball,” Gonzales said. “One day they said ‘Hey you should tryout for goalie.’ And so I stuck with it.”

What made Gonzales pick up the sport?

She remembers picking up a lacrosse stick at a sporting good store. Just picking up the stick, Gonzales fell in love with the game. Many of her friends also played the sport, so it was a way to be closer to them.

In the current season, the women’s team record is 3-7. Despite a disappointing showing so far, Gonzales is finding ways to contribute individually. Last week the lady Battlers were defeated 7-9 by Walsh University. Gonzales had 18 saves in the game.

“We have gained a lot of new faces on the team, and only lost three returners this season. But that won’t stop us from playing with the same chemistry with each other,” Gonzales said.

Although she protects the net for the Lady Battlers, Gonzales hopes to have an opportunity to score a goal.

“I never ever scored a goal as an attack, but hopefully I’ll get that goal,” Gonzales said. “My next goal is for my save percentage to be at least be over fifty percent and [I have] a team goal to come back around as second time G-MAC champs”

Gonzales is double majoring in legal studies and political science. On January 4, 2018, she enlisted to the United States Coast Guard Association. She plans to head to boot camp at Cape May on May 22, after graduating from Alderson Broaddus University.

In the future, Gonzales  plans on coaching lacrosse at the high school level.

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