B-baller reaches 1000 point-mark

Jordan Parker looks to make a pass to a teammate during game action versus Malone at Rex Pyles arena on January 25, 2018. Photo credits: Hadassah Curry
By Hadassah Curry

PHILIPPI,WV- Alderson Broaddus women’s basketball senior forward, Jordan Parker, scored her 1,000th career point during competition against Salem University on Jan. 9, 2018.

During the victory over Salem, Parker finished with a season-best of 24 points and scored the 1,000th  point of her career in the first half. She averages 13.3 points per game.

“I felt happy that I had the opportunity to just play,” Parker said.

This marks the second time Parker has scored 1,000 points. She also accomplished the feat in  high school.

So far this season, Parker has scored over 253 points, 34 assists, and 33 free throws.

Parker credits adversity for the motivation to succeed.

“I used to have a coach that used to call me a tweener… he didn’t think of me as a guard or a post so he didn’t believe I would amount to anything in basketball,” Parker said. “So it was a motive to help me prove a point that I could. So Idid.”

Parker looks forward to finishing the season with a positive attitude before graduating.

“I just want everyone to keep a level head in the game and not get frustrated all the time,” Parker said. “I just want the team to get better everyday and play as a unit.. As a whole not selfishly.”

Parker is majoring in Early Childhood Education, and is planning to work with kids in the upcoming future.

“Since I have an extra semester left, I planned to student teach back home in Ohio and also assistant coach with my brother,” Parker said.

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