Spa day offers relief for stressed test-takers

By Carli Whorton

Relaxing may seem like something you do after exams, but some students did just that during finals week.

The Alderson Broaddus Campus Activities Board (CAB) brought in a spa day treatment for students as they started finals. Students took time, a study break perhaps, and went to Burbick Hall’s lobby for a nice, relaxing time at the spa.

Options included, massages, aromatherapy, and hand waxing. All three of these techniques are made to help relax and de-stress all parts of the body.

Cody Sheets, vice president of CAB, said the spa day was a success.

“We have been super excited about doing this all semester long,” Sheets said. “We are so happy we were able to help them try to relax a little and rest their brains before finals week.”


The spa day lasted from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and multiple students came out to enjoy it.

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