Healthy holiday tips

By Adam Zirchelbach

The holiday season is a time to be spent with family and friends indulging in delicious food and drink. This can make it hard, especially if you are trying to make healthier decisions and stay in shape. Here are a few ideas to help keep you on track.

Whenever you have the family breakfast or dinner, try to plan accordingly so you will only need to eat twice that day. For example, if your family eats lunch at 1 pm, you will probably eat breakfast and a late dinner but if you move the family lunch to a brunch around 11 am or 12 pm then you will only need to eat twice that day. This will significantly cut down your calorie in take that day.

Another great idea, that gets the whole family involved, is going for a walk. The best time might be after the main meal so you can have time to digest your food before dessert. Just getting out of the house and in the fresh air is worth it. Not only will you burn some calories but create conversation with family.

One option, which takes a little preparation, is to have prepared 3-4 days worth of healthy meals. That way when you get hungry, instead of snacking on the really delicious but unhealthy leftovers, you have a healthy option waiting to be warmed up.

For those who are of age, limiting the number of drinks you will consume will make for healthier choices. Drinks have a lot of fat and calories so by limiting yourself and choosing light beers will help you with your goals.

This is the holiday season and you should enjoy, so do not be worrying about how much food you eat during your family brunch or dinner, just enjoy.

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