Swim team struggles and succeeds at Wooster Invitational

Members of the Battler swim team keep their heads above the water in this photograph taken at Alderson Broaddus University.  Katelyn Steigerwald celebrated a school record at a meet at The College of Wooster, December 1-3. 

By Abby Smith

Wednesday November 29, the Alderson Broaddus swim team travelled to Wooster, Ohio for their mid season meet. The team experienced a lot of highs and lows in the four days from breaking a school record to being disqualified from a relay event.

Katelyn Steigerwald describes how she was able to break the school record in the 500 meter freestyle.

“In prelims I was one second away from breaking the record with the time of 5:29.11,” said Steigerwald, a sophomore freestyle swimmer. “ I came back in finals breaking the record by three seconds with a time of 5:25.11.”

Jeremy Linaburg, a sophomore breaststroke swimmer, was able to set some personal records.

“I dropped time in every event I swam,” Linaburg said.

Linaburg attributes some of his success to a pair of goggles.

“My best friend, Levi Summe, got these gnarly goggles from Swim Outlet,” Linaburg said. “It made my mental state focus on speed. When warming up with the goggles I felt really good and ended up doing really well in all my events.”

The team faced some difficulty when it came to their relay events.  

“In the 200 freestyle relay we unfortunately were disqualified because the third swimmer dived before the second swimmer touched the wall,” Clara Lucarelli, a sophomore swimmer said. “We were sad; after all, we had swum very well.”

The meet was not over yet so the team still had time to make up for their mistake in another event.

“The next day in the 200 medley relay we were more focused, we were not disqualified and we swam better than in the freestyle relay” Lucarelli said.

Overall, the swim team was satisfied with their performance in the meet even though they did not win.

“I am happy with where I am and where the team is especially for it being mid season,” said Madi Christner, a breastroke swimmer.

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