Secret study places on campus

By Makenzie Rose

For any college student, freshman to senior, finding that perfect study nook is essential. To the untrained eye, AB is too small to offer places that usher studiers to academic success. I beg to differ! Grab a notebook and a pen to take notes because this campus is packed full of hidey holes for studying!

  • Gazebo behind Kincaid – Does being outdoors in the fresh air help you study better? Then this is the place for you. It has picnic tables and outlets you can plug your laptop into. It’s the perfect place for fresh air and study time. o Balconies in the Library – Not much into group studying? Take the stairs to the upper level of the library and find study areas tucked behind bookcases. You can watch all the comings and goings, but no one will see you if you sit in the right place.


  • Bookshelf Nooks – This area will make you feel like Gandalf when he is searching for the history of the one ring. The entrance is past the printer in the library. You might want to find a light switch before studying here, but it’s worth it. It’s almost 100 percent guaranteed that no one will find you down there. And this secluded little nook provides plenty of good books to read if you want a break from homework.


  • Back of Burbick – Yes, this is the building most students detest because it has offices with scary people (not really, they are quite nice) and a slow moving elevator (because who wants to hike up a billion stairs?) But, the back patio area is quite lovely for studying on a warm spring day. Just take care to keep your loose papers secure if it is a breezy day.


  • Benches Behind the Chapel – Calling all nature lovers! Spread out atop these benches or use them as a backrest while you study. This area overlooks the town of Philippi and allows for just enough separation to accomplish all those assignments without feeling secluded.


  • Student Center – Are you a people person who needs activity while you study? Then the student center is for you. There are couches, tables, and chairs scattered about, so pick your favorite spot and let the learning begin.


  • Laundry Room – Depending on your residence hall, this could be the perfect place for studying. While you laundry is churning in a washer, you could be plowing through that paper or study guide. And when your laundry is done, you’re already there to switch it out AND that gives you a break from the books.


  • Academic Buildings – Get adventurous and explore the buildings where you have most of the classes for your major. I found a great place to do homework near some of my professors’ offices. I made that little spot mine and many an assignment was completed there. Find a place you’re comfortable with and you can accomplish lots.


  • ACES – Located on the third floor of Burbick (I suggest taking the elevator is your backpack is heavy), this area provides private study rooms, computers, and tutors in several subjects should you need/want one. I highly recommend at least becoming familiar with ACES just in case you need it sometime in your college career.


  • Dorm Room Studiers – May I make a few suggestions? First, if you’re studying in your room, make sure you have room to spread out. No one studies well cramped up. Second, have different places to study in your room: sitting on the couch laying on your bed, sitting at your desk, sprawled on the floor. Yes, I have done all of that, so I know this strategy works. Moving around your room helps give a fresh perspective on assignments helping you accomplish more. Although AB is small, there are many different, unique places to study that allow students to break the mundane “I can only study in the library or my room” idea. Now go exploring and find some study areas of your own!


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