Familiar face to lead study abroad in 2018

By Lora Owston

Alderson Broaddus University recently announced Dr. Irina V. Rodimtseva, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program, as the faculty leader for the 2018 Semester in Europe. Rodimtseva previously led the semester abroad during fall 2014, and this trip will mark Rodimtseva’s second year as faculty leader over the program.

“I’m very excited,” said Rodimtseva. “I was excited the first time, and I’m excited again this time – especially now that I know what to expect.”

Rodimtseva will be joined in Europe by her husband, Dr. Alexis Rodimsteva, who will also serve as an instructor. The pair taught together during their previous experience with the program. This time they will teach a total of three classes abroad, which while similar to the classes taught during their 2014 trip, will ultimately be different in many ways.

“Of course, you never teach the same course identically,” said Rodimsteva. “So there will be some changes – and it’s a whole new group of students.”

Rodimtseva is planning on teaching two separate courses – European Culture since 1500: A Study in European History and Art, and European Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries: From Romanticism to Postmodernism. Her husband will teach Behind the Iron Curtain: Communist Regimes in Film and Dissident Writing.

“As an English professor, I am very excited to teach European Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries,” said Rodimtseva.

Students participating in the Semester in Europe are required to take three international study courses provided through the program. These classes are designed to meet a variety of different liberal studies and major requirements. Classes provided in the 2018 program will count towards a total of four different liberal studies areas. Students can also sign up for an off campus international studies minor that will include their classes abroad.

Applications for the 2018 Semester in Europe are now open. For more information contact William Klaus, Director of International Learning and Services.

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