Technical writing offers practical option

By Hadassah Curry

Why take a course in poetry if you’re not going to be a poet?

The liberal arts program at Alderson Broaddus University requires students to take an advanced English course after ENGL-190. One practical option is the technical writing course, ENGL-260.  

The technical writing course explores the process of creating various formal documents used in the workplace and its purpose is to learn to enjoy and use writing as a means of expression, persuasion and clarification.

“You can take an easy English course called ENGL-260 Technical Writing,” according to Jake Bennett, junior environmental science major.

However, Kim Elza-Wilkie, Assistant Professor of English and Communications, has been teaching the course for fourteen years and says the course engages unique skill sets. 

“I disagree [that it’s easy], it involves a different type of thinking rather than analyzing literature, fiction or nonfiction,” Wilkie said. “Students will learn real world writing techniques and how to apply them regardless of what your work profession is.”

Technical writing provides insight on how to write proposals, persuasive writing, memos, emails, formal messages, resumes, letters, reports, brochures, and flyers.

All students can take the course in either semester, Wilkie said.

Alondra Corral, a freshman student, is currently taking the fall semester ENGL-260 course.

“Since I’m fortunate to not take the ENGL-190 because of my ACT score, I find the technical writing course very helpful and I will be definitely referring the things I’ve learned to help me be successful in the workforce in the future,” Corral said.

The Registrar has announced that all spring classes are available for registration.

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