Student security guards gain experience protecting campus

Aaron Bowen (facing camera) and Garrett Burnside, both AB students, are working as security guards in an experimental work study program initiated by Campus Security.
By Hadassah Curry

Students may now work as security guards as Alderson Broaddus University’s campus security opened their inaugural work study and internship program this fall.

Aaron Bowen is a freshman who was selected out of four students to work as a security guard for this work study program.

“I was very excited to receive the job in August, and it’s a great way to gain experience as a criminal justice major,” Bowen said.

Students have been used to seeing security guards who are older than the typical student driving around the white Ford car that is used in campus security patrols. Matthew Sisk, Director of Campus Security, explains that the student security guards provide additional assistance to the regular security detail.  

“I decided to have criminal justice majors help the campus security guards with locking up academic buildings during the evening time,” Sisk said. “They are not allowed to work just like the regular campus security guards. They are supposed to observe and walk around campus.”

Sisk also explained what drove his decision to hire students.

“I started this program for two reasons, one– I realized that most criminal justice majors were lacking on job interviews and field experience after they graduated from college,” Sisk said. “Second, I think this program will help students be more prepared to work very well in the law enforcement field.”

Scott Shingledecker, a senior intern who has been working for the program for the past six weeks thinks the new program has prevented problems.

“I think locking up the academic dorms is preventing the university from being vandalized.” Shingledecker said.

Sisk agrees that the initative has been successful.

“Ever since the program has started, there has been a very low rate of crimes happening on campus,” Sisk said. “So that tells me that the student program is working really well and it’s very possible this program will be expanding in the future of next semester.”  

Students who are seniors that are working as a security guard as their internship this semester must complete a certain amount of hours.

“Eighty hours of the internship program is required, and so far I have worked about 6 to 8 hours a week,” said Alexxi Timmons, a senior criminal justice major.

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