Are good causes in November too much of a good thing?

By Abby  Smith

November is the month for Prematurity Awareness, Alzheimer’s Awareness, Prostate Cancer Awareness, American Diabetes Awareness, International Survivors of Suicide Awareness, along with many other designations. Among those mentioned above, four have been promoted on campus mostly in the same week.

The various needs of good causes can be overwhelming, according to Sarah Reed a sophomore education major.

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Familiar face to lead study abroad in 2018

By Lora Owston

Alderson Broaddus University recently announced Dr. Irina V. Rodimtseva, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program, as the faculty leader for the 2018 Semester in Europe. Rodimtseva previously led the semester abroad during fall 2014, and this trip will mark Rodimtseva’s second year as faculty leader over the program. Continue reading “Familiar face to lead study abroad in 2018”

Eating healthy on campus a challenge, but possible

By Abby Smith

What does eating healthy really do for you? Why is it such a trend? Does a better diet really affect the freshman 15 or sophomore 30?

Many students, such as David Carlisle, feel that the food options at AB are not healthy.

“The food isn’t very healthy here. Sub Connection is supposed to be a healthier version of the Cave but all the food comes from the same kitchen,” Carlisle said.

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OPINION: Volunteering benefits more than those you serve

By Danielle Stuart*

Activities are psychologically important for long-term care patients for many reasons. Activities have the ability to prevent social isolation, decrease depression, engage memory, provide purpose, and bring structure to their days. When depression hits residents it often results in a lack of engaging in activities that they enjoy. Continue reading “OPINION: Volunteering benefits more than those you serve”

Website boosts social media traffic for small business

By Julia Heser*

If a business wishes to form a relationship with consumers, the first step is to reach out using the methods that consumers use. For 50 days, a website in Philippi was launched. showcased Philippi Inn restaurant’s menu, contact info, and hours.

After speaking with the owner, increased traffic on Philippi Inn’s Facebook page was discovered. If a website that was only live for 50 days can increase traffic, imagine what a full time website can do. Continue reading “Website boosts social media traffic for small business”

Hammockers happy hanging out

The unofficial Alderson Broaddus Hammock Club hanging out on campus. Featuring (from top to bottom) Jeremy Linaburg, Katelyn Steigerwald, and Haley Stephenson. They meet on nice days and the only stipulation to join is to have a hammock. These hammockers are experimenting with stacking, which means they put multiple hammocks on the same two trees. Photo credit Abby Smith.

SAAC to host Dodgeball tournament

By Hadassah Curry

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosts its first inaugural dodgeball event on Wednesday night, November 8, 2017.

Paris Vaughan is a captain for his squad and will be having a team of all males from the track team.

“I’m excited for this tournament and can’t wait for my team to win,”  Vaughan said.

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