Halloweekend aims to fright and delight campus, community

By Abby Smith

Phi Beta Lambda, the business fraternity on campus, has created Halloweekend – an event taking place throughout the month of October.

“Halloweekend is a time to bring together the community to engage in various activities including a haunted house, an escape room, and other fall activities,” said Jeremy Linaburg, President of Phi Beta Lambda.

The group has tried to make it affordable for students and the Philippi community.

“We have a haunted house and an escape room. The haunted house is $5 and the escape room is $8 or you can do both for $10” said Sam Wolff, Treasurer for Phi Beta Lambda. “It is open from 8 p.m. until midnight on Friday and Saturday.”

This is a new activity for the organization so there has been a lot of work involved especially when it comes to manpower as Joyce Eid described.

“PBL came up with the idea and then we asked friends and sports teams to help out with scaring people and running the event” said Joyce Eid, Vice President of Marketing for Phi Beta Lambda. “We have a PBL committee dedicated to the event, but we knew we would need more people.”

Besides the extra credit students get for being involved, Phi Beta Lambda has another objective with this project.

“We are trying to raise money for March of Dimes and we also want to connect the community with AB students” said Lynnie Ritter, Secretary of Phi Beta Lambda.

Halloweekend will take place on campus, but it is open to the community as well in hopes of connecting the campus with the town according to Shea Roblin.

“Halloweekend is for everyone so like everyone on campus and in the Philippi community. We’re going to have a weekend especially for families so we can tone down the haunted house for kids,” said Shea Roblin, Vice President of Operations for Phi Beta Lambda.

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