SGA splits $63K among 18 groups; Some got bigger piece of pie than others

Eighteen clubs and groups presented a budget proposal to Student Government Association on August 28, 2017. After deliberating on how much each group deserved, SGA awarded a total of $62, 927.66 to campus organizations. Infographic by Abby Smith
By Abby Smith

Students paid $105 in fees this year, but where does that money go? The Student Government Association is responsible for allocating money collected from student fees to student organizations. This year, SGA allocated $62, 927.66 to clubs and groups. Two-thirds of the budget, $40, 837.50, went to five organizations: Mission team, Baptist Campus Ministries, All Greek Council, Black Student Union, and NOVO.

The SGA budget is divided up according to the needs of each organization.

“This year we started with $145,871.93 which comes from student fees and roll over from previous years,” said Jeremy Linaburg, Treasurer of SGA. This starting total was what rolled over from the previous year before students fees were added in.

“We currently have $134,053.77 left after the allocations to the organizations” Linaburg said.

After the needs of the organizations are met, the money left over is kept in the SGA account for activities that SGA will sponsor in the spring such as the Leadership Banquet, Spring Fling, and Winter Carnival.

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