Dance lesson gets students moving at Hispanic cultural festivities

By Lora Owston

Although some had a case of two left feet, everyone was bustling on Sept 20 as Alderson Broaddus University celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a display of fancy footwork. Students, faculty, and staff were invited to attend a group dance lesson on the evening of last Wednesday. The event, courtesy of Los Sabrosos Dance Co., took place in the lobby of Burbick.

The lesson was headed by Nicolette Pawlowski, instructor and founder of the Pittsburgh based Los Sabrosos Dance Co. A variety of dances originating from Hispanic nations were covered during the night, including the salsa, merengue, and bachata. Every attendee had the opportunity to pick up some dance skills while embracing the culture and dances of several different nations in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage Month is dedicated to commemorating the culture and history of American citizens from Hispanic backgrounds and ancestry, according to, the official government website for the month. Alderson Broaddus University hosts a diverse amount of students not only from within America’s 50 states, but also from all over the globe. Among these students are individuals who originate from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

This year marks the 30th annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage month since its inception in 1988, according to the official website. Although titled as a month, Hispanic Heritage Month begins in mid-September on the 15th. The website details that this date signifies the anniversaries for the independence of several nations, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Several other important dates follow quickly, says the website, including the anniversary for the independence of Mexico on the 16th, the anniversary for the independence of Chile on the 18th, and the anniversary for the independence of Belize on the 21st. Hispanic Heritage Month will continue into the month of October with the celebration of Día de la Raza – also known as Columbus Day – on the 12th, and will finally come to an end on Oct. 15.

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