Damaged dorms could cost University $20,000

By Hadassah Curry

In the past, residence halls at Alderson Broaddus University have suffered major or minor damages at the end of a semester, but this past spring was a crisis for housekeeping and school officials.

Messes that students leave in the residence halls can take the whole summer to clean up for the housekeepers. “Once there are holes or stains on the carpet, windows busted, and furniture ruined the school would pay around $20,000 just to replace [them],” said Bruce Blankenship, Vice President for Administration and Finance.

Blankenship explained that there were about three or four dorms that had conditions worse than they had ever seen. “The ceiling lights busted, the doors with holes, and carpets that have been replaced immediately,” said Blankenship.

“Three to four Alderson-Broaddus University’s campus dorms have been damaged this past school semester. AB’s housekeeping will be starting room checks in meantime,” said Amy Mayle, a housekeeper at AB. After the spring semester, certain resident halls have been damaged by the previous residents that didn’t respect the school and community policy.

Starting this semester, the Residence Director and board decided to have room inspection with both Residence Director and housekeepers present. “There are already housekeepers assigned to each residence hall who will eventually start room checking” said Mayle.

“They are looking for the maintenance of the bathroom and is the garbage being thrown out in the right location, and also making sure that no food is left out that can start to grow mold. If no one cleans up what they were told then the RD will start implementing fines. We hope that students will clean up after themselves. We want the student to learn how to keep care on the place and respect their fellow community,” said Blankenship

“Priestley, Benedum, and Kincaid are the oldest buildings on campus and have the most damaged or worn down rooms. So that will give some residents that live there an advantage to get away with throwing things or leave trash outside of their dorms,” says Ohndo Smith, a resident of Kincaid.

“The goal for this fall and spring semesters is to stop damaging the dorms,” said Amy Mayle, a housekeeper at AB.

“Respect the community, students, and your dorm. Be a leader and a great role model today for the future classes that comes in,” said Blankenship.

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