Hurricanes distress some; others not worried

By Hadassah Curry

When two major hurricanes battered the Southeast earlier this month, some students at Alderson Broaddus University wondered how their loved ones would be affected by the storms.

Some students, like Alexis Kimball, felt concerned for her family, who live outside of Houston in Dayton, Texas. Continue reading “Hurricanes distress some; others not worried”

Many pluses to Greek life at AB

By Carli Whorton

Alderson Broaddus offers several options for anyone wanting to join a Greek organization—seven different sororities and fraternities, to be exact. AB has a variety of national and local organizations as well. Lexie Elliot, head of Greek life at AB, sees many advantages for those who participate in the Greek community. Continue reading “Many pluses to Greek life at AB”

Advice from former BC editor: Embrace opportunities, look beyond sports to build friendships

By Leah Russo, Former Editor-in-Chief of the Battler Columns

Welcome to Alderson Broaddus University (AB), home of the wild and wonderful Battlers. It is here in small-town Philippi, West Virginia where you will spend the greatest years of your life. As with all aspects of life, everything eventually comes to an end. As I finish my fourth and final year, it is my turn to pass on the knowledge I have acquired from those who came before me. Continue reading “Advice from former BC editor: Embrace opportunities, look beyond sports to build friendships”

Off- and on-campus dining options are close-by

By Tyson McDonald

Craving something to eat other than what is available on campus? Philippi has a few off-campus dining options. Fast food places in town include McDonald’s, Hardee’s, KFC, Sheetz and Subway. Philippi has two pizza places, Fox’s and Henderson’s. Both places offer more than just pizza, such as calzones and pepperoni rolls. They also deliver to campus, so for those without a car, this option is great. Continue reading “Off- and on-campus dining options are close-by”

Second chance to study abroad irresistible for 2 AB students

By Lora Owston

If you had the chance to study abroad and see the world, would you go back again? The answer to that question was a definite “Yes!” for seniors Brooke Thomas and Charlee Thomas. Both students took the opportunity to participate in Alderson Broaddus’ Semester in Europe program – a three month long semester abroad in Salzburg, Austria with incorporated weekend travel to additional nations. We asked Brooke and Charlee to detail some of their experiences in the following short Q&A:

BATTLER COLUMNS: Why did you decide to participate in the Semester in Europe a second time?

B: I almost backed out of the second go round, but the thought of skipping out on the opportunity to see the world from a different view point again convinced me to go.

C: It was just so wonderful the first time. I had to go back.

Continue reading “Second chance to study abroad irresistible for 2 AB students”

Damaged dorms could cost University $20,000

By Hadassah Curry

In the past, residence halls at Alderson Broaddus University have suffered major or minor damages at the end of a semester, but this past spring was a crisis for housekeeping and school officials.

Messes that students leave in the residence halls can take the whole summer to clean up for the housekeepers. “Once there are holes or stains on the carpet, windows busted, and furniture ruined the school would pay around $20,000 just to replace [them],” said Bruce Blankenship, Vice President for Administration and Finance. Continue reading “Damaged dorms could cost University $20,000”