Lots to do at Barbour County fair

By Adam Zirkelbach

The 42nd Barbour County Fair kicked off earlier this week, but do not worry because there is a lot more to come. Each night there is a special event on top of all the rides, games and fair food. It is located at 16348 Barbour County Hwy, Philippi, WV 26416 where tickets can be purchased for $10.

 Wednesday, August 30th is the Demolition Derby which is a contest where old cars crash into each other until only one is running. At 7 pm there is the Kids Power Wheels Demolition Derby, then at 7:30 pm is the Open Arena Thomas Motorsport Demolition Derby.

The John Loyd Entertainment Center is hosting three more Nashville recording artists this week. Thursday at 8 pm Home Free will be performing followed by Aaron Tippin Friday at 9 pm. To end the week, Runaway June closes Saturday night at 9.

Office of Student Affairs has a sign up sheet to go see Aaron Tippin. The vans will be leaving from Withers Brandon at 7pm.

There are many more events through out the rest of the week such as a Moonlight Drive, ATV Drag Races, Horse shows and more. You can check out the schedule online at http://www.barbourcountyfair.com/schedule.html.


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